Meet Our Team

Ja’Nisha Beal

I would like to work with Journey Birth and Wellness because I appreciate the diversity among the ministry. I have a passion for serving. I want to be able to give women and families something A lot of families yearn for and that is the upmost support from someone genuine. I want to be able to empower women and families of my culture and others, making them knowledgeable during pregnancy and post pregnancy. Giving their families the confidence  they need to adjust to a new addition

Nina Bogle

After being asked to attend a few friends births, I realized I had a calling to birth work. In 2016, I decided to begin my journey to became a Certified Birth Doula. Halfway through my training my husband and I decided to put everything on hold to pursue our passion for cross-cultural ministry. We sold everything and loaded up our family to spend some time abroad.

Little did I know that my two passions would soon collide.

Doing birth work cross-culturally was something I had always dreamed of doing. My heart is to support mothers and their families by helping women labor with dignity. I offer physical and emotional support, along with a variety of comfort measures.

My family is now nestled back in Fort Wayne. We homeschool our children, I love to play guitar and sing, I hate airplanes, BUT love to travel, and I hope to one day begin my journey into midwifery.

Shanna Bradley

I’m a wife and a mother to 5 kids! We try to be as mission-minded as we can as a family. In doing so, this took us to the most diverse square mile in America to work with refugees. Shortly after the move I had the opportunity to get trained as a birth doula. I wasn’t sure how my passion for birth and working with refugees could be combined, but God knew!

I had the opportunity to work with a local refugee birth ministry outside of Atlanta, and saw how beautifully my two passions could mix. As our time was coming to an end there, we felt led back to our hometown area to start a similar program for international women. After lots of research, we saw that there was such a huge need to come alongside expecting women in Fort Wayne and the surrounding areas. We felt that we needed to start an organization to serve those less served, and started Journey Birth and Wellness. We are so excited, and blessed as a family to be working with other like-minded women and families to work together to serve through these combined passions.

Jaquanda Capers

I want to be a Birth worker because I want to help lower the maternal and infant mortality rates by helping women get back, or discover their voice during pregnancy and labor. I also want women to discover that there is still help during postpartum, which is just as tough as labor.

Ronae Cleland

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a heart for service. I have a degree from Grace College in Intercultural Studies with a minor in Spanish. After college, I remained involved in local church ministry in a variety of roles. I was part of a Latino church plant and an Ojibwe community where I studied the local languages and cultures. I also volunteered to teach breastfeeding classes at crisis pregnancy centers.

I have discovered a passion for supporting and educating pregnant and new mothers as I traveled through my own pregnancy, postpartum, and mothering journey. As a mother of four children, I understand the questions that pregnancy and birth can bring, as well as the support and encouragement that new moms need. Because of this, I have decided to become a birth doula in order to offer love, support, and encouragement to families as they travel through the joys and challenges of birth and postpartum. My goal is to offer support in a way that respects others’ cultures and shows the love of Christ through service.

Sharayah Garcia

Sharayah is originally from the south side of Chicago. She moved to Fort Wayne with her nursing degree in 2013 to work with the Burmese because she’s felt drawn to this people group. She’s found Fort Wayne to be surprisingly diverse and enjoys living here with the various growing activities that Fort Wayne has to offer.

Rene Hammitt

I am a follower of Jesus passionate about sharing the life saving good news of Him. I am also passionate about the physical and spiritual well being of women bearing children. Life is a precious gift from God ~ And mothers are loving tools in the Master’s hand to bring forth that life here on earth.

My interest in Doula work stems mostly from my own birth experiences. Being a Doula with Global Birth Community combines my interest in serving and advocating for birthing women with the opportunity to spread the news of Jesus and growing in Him with both national and international women.

I enjoy encouraging women who are transitioning into motherhood of multiple children.

I also look to be involved in educating women regarding the benefits of a Doula, and hope to bless women who may never have thought it possible to have a Doula.

I am currently working on a bereavement Doula certification as well as certification in biblical counseling.


Sue Heckley

My heart is for God and for others. I love working with mothers in the hard work of childbirth and child rearing, casting vision to our mamas with a different message than what they are hearing today. Putting courage into a woman to do what her body was meant to do and to speak words over her of empowerment is the substance of life.

To bring peace and comfort to a new mama as she learns the art of motherhood and to trust her God- given instincts are the ties that bind us to each other. When the enemy is so at hand, wanting to tear us down at every turn, Jesus’ message is one of life and life to the fullest.

Birth work is so much more than just bringing a baby earth side, it’s about birthing a woman into motherhood and what sweeter work could there be than that? We need each other; true beauty is found in community and it allows us to help individuals in a way that could never achieve alone.

Birth work is my heart and my passion and has had a call on my life before I ever really knew what I was feeling. I love childbirth and motherhood.



Laura Kiefer

I live in Southeast Fort Wayne with my husband and two children. I am passionate about birth and believe that bringing new life into the world is a beautiful and powerful experience. I felt drawn to doula work after the birth of my second child. Making birth support accessible to families in my community is a significant goal of mine.

As long as I can remember, I have been drawn to cross-cultural work. From growing up in the Chicago area, to spending time overseas, and now living in Southeast Fort Wayne, I’ve had many opportunities to learn and grow in my ability to serve. My educational background is in philosophy as well as language, and I’ve applied my academic studies to my pursuit of birth work. Serving alongside the doulas of Journey Birth & Wellness is the perfect combination of my passions for birth and for service.

Kaye Seelye

I have been married 29 years and my husband and I have 6 children from ages 27 down to age 17.  I was studying for my MA Missions/Evangelism when I met my husband and now I am excited to be able to share Christ’s love with expectant moms from various walks of life. I love pregnancy and birth and I want to help expectant and new moms have the best experience they can have as they welcome a new child into their families.

Lahmay Moo

I want to be a community doula because I want to support all the women out there giving birth to their beautiful babies. It can be challenging and brings many responsibilities. Becoming a mother mean shaving your best and happiest moments while going through difficult challenges. I want to support women in the community to overcome their stress and depression. I will also encourage them that I will always be there for them whenever they need help. I will be inspiring them with good self-care and self-esteem. Nothing can compare to a mother’s love for her children. Little soul of mine, I will always love you for who you are.

I also want to serve our ethnic community and be an interpreter for them. I know how it feels, facing the English barrier. They need a supporter with their own language who can help them make the right decisions. By supporting them with health care, I am doing my part to make sure they are healthy as well as their babies.

Lucy Ortiz

I am a Doula because I want to serve in my community to the Hispanic woman,  to be better prepare to receive their babies in healthier way. I am an immigrant from Mexico and serve the Spanish speaking populations as well.