We believe in empowering others together

Our Vision

We exist to train and equip birth professionals from diverse backgrounds to come alongside women from their own culture to offer education, support, and community so that they can be empowered during their pregnancy, labor, and into motherhood.


  • Train and develop birth professionals so they can best support women from unique situations.

  • Offer doula services to women highest at risk for maternal and infant mortality in our local neighborhoods.

  • Build relationships with hospitals and local resources so that we can best serve each woman and their specific needs.

  • Serve the refugee population while expanding services as our organization grows.


Multiethnic childbirth classes will be coming this spring! We are currently taking applications for interpreters that can interpret our classes in Karen and Burmese. These classes will be two hours long, one day per week, for eight weeks.


We currently offer doula services to refugee women that need support from outside their communities. We meet with them for prenatal visits, offer full support while in labor, and continue to meet with them during the postpartum period. We offer education so they are empowered to make informed decisions on their care, and the care of their newborn. We know it takes a village to raise a child, so we help support and build community so that no woman feels alone during this precious time in their life.



We are an organization that runs on donations from people like you! We can’t do this work alone, and we invite you to help invest in the lives of the women in our community. Your donations go towards reimbursing the doulas for their services, as they offer their services free to the women they serve. Please consider partnering with us through a donation. We may be the feet on the ground, but you are the fuel that makes it possible!