Journey Birth and Wellness Awarded Grant from St Joseph

Journey Birth and Wellness is delighted to announce that the St. Joseph Community Health Foundation recently awarded us a generous grant of $7,500 to fund our Community Doula Services program. This grant will make it possible for immigrant and refugee families to get FREE birthing and doula services. This funding allows us to continue to serve these under served communities through hands-on support and one-on-one education.

Recently, one of our clients who had been a participant in the Community Doula Services program, told us, “This was my best birth – thank you!”

Without this generous funding from the St. Joseph Community Health Foundation, clients like N* might not have the support or birth experience they so strongly desire. Our relationship with the families we serve goes far beyond the labor room. We couldn’t be more thrilled in the timing of this grant as Doulas are now being allowed back in the hospitals as a vital part of the birth team. Now more than ever these women and their families need so much support. We would like to thank the St. Joseph Community Health Foundation for their continued support that allows Journey Birth and Wellness to continue to serve women in the Fort Wayne area.